July Open studios

It is with great regret that we have had to cancel the 2020 July Open Studios due to the coronavirus pandemic. We look forward to opening our studios once again in 2021. You can still find details of our 528 members, and view samples of their work, on our Artist pages. Please contact artists direct if you would like to find out more.

  • 191
    Angela Rudolph
    oil and acrylic paintings, sculptures
    Dreamlike paintings of landscapes & creatures of the natural world. I let the colour do the magic. Garden studio with a view! Cards & gifts. Drinks.
    The Red House
    7 High Street
    CB23 7BG
    Tel: 07498 999484
  • 172
    Fran Godwood
    Working Studio
    pen and watercolour paintings, linocuts
    Colourful, detailed pen and watercolour paintings. Hand-printed linocuts. Tranquil gardens, old buildings and scenes of chickens and geese. Cards.
    91 Mill Lane
    CB22 3HY
    Tel: 01223 561849
  • 76
    Betka Milligan
    Contemporary ceramic sculptures and objects
    Ceramic sculptures and abstract objects. Imaginative, fresh perspective on design, patterns and colours. Each piece is hand-built and one of a kind.
    St John’s Church Centre
    Hills Road
    CB2 8RN
    Tel: 07496 924306
  • 190
    John McGill
    Working Studio
    sculpture and drawing
    I am fascinated with transformation – bronze and other materials fuse ideas to produce a new reality. Drawings and sculptures in a C17 barn/orchard.
    The Berern
    Comberton Road
    CB23 2RY
    Tel: 01223 262024
  • 116
    Maricruz Prieto
    Working Studio
    Figurative paintings and drawings.
    Professional artist exhibiting latest series of work. Pencil, acrylic and ink drawings on paper and glass. Various sizes and prices. Prints for sale.
    20 Ramsey Road
    CB7 4RL
    Tel: 07502 239422
  • 95
    Paul Ashley
    people, performance and fine art
    See a display of examples of my photography of drama and performance, and work combining poetry and images.
    59 Gilbert Road
    CB4 3NZ
    Tel: 01223 312668
  • 94
    Pippa Westoby
    Working Studio
    Lettering on stone and paper
    Hand-carved lettering on stone and slate. Framed originals and prints of hand-drawn and painted lettering. Commissions taken.
    Cambridge Artworks
    5 Greens Road
    CB4 3EF
    Tel: 07791 869056
  • 35
    Robin Stemp
    Working Studio
    photography using natural light
    Still life, buildings, interiors in changing light. Same place, another time. Parking by meter.
    39 Norwich Street
    CB2 1ND
  • 170
    Felicity de Vries
    Working Studio
    Fine-art contemporary prints
    Vibrant mono-printed linocuts inspired by the natural world and wildlife produced on 1837 Albion Press. Prints and cards for sale and demonstrations.
    16 North Road
    CB22 4NZ
    Tel: 07794 992021
  • 200
    Penny Price
    botanical and mixed-media artist
    Botanical art from peppers to peony pods.
    12 High Street
    CB23 7PL
    Tel: 01954 210896
  • 53
    Life Lines
    life drawing and painting group
    We are artists from a life-drawing group, working in different styles and media. Come and find out more about us! Parking available.
    St Barnabas Press, 9/10 Belfast Yard
    Coldham's Road
    CB1 3EW
  • 223
    Working Studio
    drawing, illustration, ink and watercolour painting
    Shane Swann, Sarah McGonigle, Kate McGonigle & Hannah McGonigle. Exhibiting illustration, fine-line drawings, ink & botanical watercolour paintings.
    5 Oakington Business Park
    Dry Drayton Road
    CB24 3DQ
    Tel: 07540 402153
  • 197
    Clay at Caldecote
    Four potters – many techniques
    Clay is a versatile material that can be manipulated into a desired form. Four potters – Martin George, Juliet Gorman, Jennie Longbottom & Carol Page.
    103 Highfields Road
    Highfields Caldecote
    CB23 7NX
    Tel: 01954 210921
  • 137
    Ruth E Blundell
    Working Studio
    Painting on wood – 2D & 3D
    A family-friendly studio with paintings & sculptures. Birds, beasts, land- & seascapes inspire me – some quirky – others, more serious interpretations.
    34 Lower End
    Swaffham Prior
    CB25 0HT
    Tel: 07792 656223
  • 144
    Sarah Jenkins
    handbuilt ceramics
    Field, weather, land, mark, earth, unknown territory – a dialogue. Ceramic vessels and sculpture and bone china light-pieces.
    20 Rook End Lane
    Saffron Walden
    CB11 3LR
    Tel: 01799 540644
  • 119
    Marina Yedigaroff
    paintings, mixed-media
    Intense, decorative paintings and painted furniture, bowls, boxes and fabrics. Joyful atmosphere. If it has a surface, I can paint it!
    20 Newnham Street
    CB7 4PE
    Tel: 01353 656916
  • 58
    Sarah Went
    Working Studio
    contemporary studio porcelain
    Wheel-thrown contemporary porcelain ceramics with textural accents. Tableware and vases in soft colours and natural themes.
    27 Radegund Road
    CB1 3RH
  • 213
    Ian Farrell
    Creative portrait photography
    Portraiture and project work, shown in my riverside studio at Baits Bite lock. Prints, cards and books on sale, plus details of my training courses.
    Baits Bite Lock office
    Fen Road
    CB24 6AW
    Tel: 07803 084698
  • 15
    Ruth Hawkins
    abstract paintings in acrylic
    Bold, colourful, abstract paintings – using geometric forms – along with a selection of seascapes. Street parking and refreshments available.
    St Andrew's Hall (Annex)
    97 St Andrew's Road, Chesterton
    CB4 1DH
    Tel: 07505 146639
  • 16
    Iain Smith
    Working Studio
    glassmaker at iain's glassworks
    I make fused glass objects exploring the interplay between light, colour and shape. I also design and build my own kilns.
    11 Lynfield Lane
    CB4 1DR
    Tel: 07932 688734
  • 88
    Tess Recordon
    Working Studio
    Contemporary, striking landscapes
    Contemporary, striking landscapes, highly original in style.
    69 Broadway
    CB3 9NQ
    Tel: 07870 963587
  • 1
    Michael Barton
    I paint oils on canvas
    I am a painter influenced by my late father. I paint in oils, I also sculpt in lead and copper.
    113 Lovell Road
    CB4 2QP
    Tel: 01223 426121
  • 14
    Clio Lloyd-Jacob
    Working Studio
    shadow plays and print works
    Etchings, drawings and short, live shadow plays invite you into a world where inner and outer forces join in conflict and temporary resolution.
    22 Manhattan Drive
    CB4 1JL
    Tel: 01223 501424
  • 109
    Alicia Smit
    oil paintings
    I am a wildlife painter living in Cambridgeshire, but my heart is still in Africa! My love for wildlife can be seen in my oil paintings.
    Magnolia House
    Branch Bank
    Prickwillow, Ely
    CB7 4UR
    Tel: 07939 755438
  • 6
    Richard Heeps
    Working Studio
    Hand-printed analogue colour photography
    A conceptual showcase of photography – made over thirty years – where one piece leads to another, including my most recent artwork from Milan.
    2 Springfield Road
    CB4 1AD
    Tel: 07967 359699
  • 25
    Sarah Lucy Lee
    Working Studio
    representational oil painting in vibrant colours
    A rich, vibrant array of oil paintings in still-life, with a twist of zest and a sprinkle of twinkle! Pretty garden, refreshments, metered parking.
    19 Saxon Road
    CB5 8HS
    Tel: 07722 379763
  • 188
    Dan Walmsley
    Working Studio
    atmospheric landscape & seascape paintings
    Seascapes and landscapes from various locations. Find the Hoops/Camspice in Great Eversden. Turn away from the pub. Studio is fourth house on the left.
    5 Wimpole Road
    Great Eversden
    CB23 1HR
    Tel: 01223 263819
  • 245
    Lynn Norton
    atmospheric landscapes and vibrant wildlife
    My influence is the natural world. Impressionistic landscapes in acrylic and soft pastel, along with vibrant wildlife and flowers in acrylic inks.
    Hilton House
    Graveley Way, Hilton
    PE28 9NN
    Tel: 07764 556251
  • 205
    Sarah Vigliotti
    Working Studio
    printmaking and photography
    Hand-made limited edition prints and analogue photography exploring the urban and rural landscape of East Anglia. Garden studio.
    13 Shirley Road
    CB24 9JR
    Tel: 07743 539469
  • 168
    Carol Sinclair
    Working Studio
    mixed-media sculpture
    Contemporary sculpture inspired by the erosion of natural and manufactured materials exhibited in the studio, house and riverside garden.
    Willow House
    CB21 6BU
    Tel: 01223 893613
  • 23
    Sudesh Prasad
    Working Studio
    painting drawing multimedia
    Selected abstract paintings and framed drawings from the recent series of work exploring pattern repetition.
    The Woodyard
    38 Cheddars Lane
    CB5 8LD
  • 175
    Astrig Akseralian
    mixed media, drawings, sketchbooks, prints.
    An exploration into mixed media inspired by allotments, sea, boats, broader landscapes and the human body. Original work. Giclee prints. Tea in garden.
    15 High Street
    Great Shelford
    CB22 5EH
    Tel: 07761 465653
  • 65
    Sasha Garrett
    jewellery, recycled materials
    Colourful silver jewellery set with recycled materials and gemstones. Happy to discuss repairs, alterations and commissions. Free parking.
    4 Fanshawe Road
    CB1 3QY
  • 200
    Barbara Maher
    oils and watercolours
    Various media, predominately oils on canvas, watercolours, photography and prints. Landscapes, nature and still life.
    12 The High Street
    CB23 7PL
    Tel: 07796 264704
  • 31
    Lynne Strover
    Working Studio
    one-off design silver jewellery
    Lynne predominantly works in silver and semi-precious stones to create simple wearable pieces with a timeless quality.
    38 Orchard Street
    CB1 1JS
    Tel: 07763 915850
  • 233
    Sarah Hutchinson
    Working Studio
    painting, drawing & printmaking
    Original drawings, paintings and Intaglio prints exploring wildlife and nature. Limited edition prints and cards are available.
    7 The Drift
    CB23 4JN
    Tel: 07425 167891