July Open studios

It is with great regret that we have had to cancel the 2020 July Open Studios due to the coronavirus pandemic. We look forward to opening our studios once again in 2021. You can still find details of our 528 members, and view samples of their work, on our Artist pages. Please contact artists direct if you would like to find out more.

  • 187
    Spindependence – Collective
    Working Studio
    Multimedia Textile and Art Collaboration
    Prue v.d. Hoorn, Hazel Shaw & Linda Scott. See colour dyeing, weaving, felting, spinning, photos, polymer clay, watercolours, painted silk – join in!
    Harlton Village Hall
    Coach Drive
    CB23 1EN
    Tel: 07535 088004
  • 76
    John Franklin
    Fine gemstone silver jewellery
    Boldly colourful silver jewellery, set with gemstones – topaz, fancy garnets, lapis… Geometric and inspired by art deco.
    St Johns Church Centre
    Hills Road
    CB2 8RN
    Tel: 07834 353641
  • 76
    Phil Cope
    woodcarvings; sculptures, vessels and jewellery
    Intimate, highly finished wood carvings in a variety of hardwoods. Abstracts, figures, vessels and jewellery. All crafted by hand
    St John’s Church Centre
    Hills Road
    CB2 8RN
    Tel: 07791 987643
  • 51
    Stefanie Loizou
    Working Studio
    books, mixed media, collage
    Well-loved stories are reinvented by embellishing, manipulating and transforming original books and illustrations into decorative pieces of art.
    184 Cromwell Road
    CB1 3EQ
    Tel: 07976 192218
  • 55
    Andy Dakin
    Contemporary painting and drawing
    Contemporary portrait paintings and drawings, Cambridge townscapes and loads of sketchbook work to browse through. Commissions welcomed.
    86 Hobart Road
    CB1 3PT
    Tel: 07947 853164
  • 118
    Andrew Jones
    sculpture moved by the wind
    Kinetic sculpture moved by the wind – see videos at rhobile.com and come and enjoy the peaceful movement in our garden.
    13 Deacon's Lane
    CB7 4PS
    Tel: 01353 610406
  • 53
    Catherine Mellis
    Working Studio
    fine-art printmaker
    I produce abstract/semi-abstract screen-printed monoprints inspired by the underwater world and the vibrancy of colour found there and in ink itself.
    St Barnabas Press
    9/10 Belfast Yard, Coldham's Road
    CB1 3EW
  • 73
    Veronica Thornton
    Working Studio
    mixed-media textiles
    Mixed-media textiles inspired by stories of place, aerial photography and maps. Currently working on coastal erosion in East Anglia.
    96 Blinco Grove
    CB1 7TS
    Tel: 07814 249923
  • 202
    Andrea Malaskova
    illustration, life drawing, landscape, mixed media
    Life drawings, illustrations of travel & children plus various design projects via traditional techniques & digital media. Handmade soft toys & cards.
    3 Cambridge Road
    CB24 9NU
    Tel: 07796 357884
  • 251
    Richard Savage
    Working Studio
    Fine-art painting & illustration
    Working studio, fine-art painting, collaborative work, drawing, illustrations, arts publishing. A warm welcome and refreshments!
    Savage Studios (above the Honest John public house)
    24a– 26 South Park Street
    PE16 6AR
    Tel: 01354 696421
  • 141
    Prior Arts Group
    Seven-artist group – various media
    We are a group of seven artists from Swaffham Prior, providing an eclectic mix of art forms at one convenient venue. Parking and refreshments available.
    Swaffham Prior Village Hall
    High Street
    Swaffham Prior
    CB25 0LD
    Tel: 07778 666187
  • 145
    Ian Vance
    Working Studio
    ceramic sculptures and pots
    Working studio with a range of sculpture and ceramics for garden and home.
    Debden Road
    CB11 3RU
    Tel: 01799 540322
  • 53
    Ann Massing
    Working Studio
    East Asian Painting and Printmaking
    My interest in oriental art is reflected in my paintings in ink and watercolour and in my prints. Handmade cards.
    St Barnabas Press
    9/10 Belfast Yard, Coldham's Road
    CB1 3EW
    Tel: 07766 221987
  • 81
    George Meliniotis & Lucy Winter
    chinese brush, oil & acrylic
    Variety and distinction. Chinese brush and light-fast artworks in coloured pencils by Lucy. Traditional and contemporary oils and acrylics by George.
    33 Newton Road
    CB2 8AL
    Tel: 01763 261154
  • 143
    Heidi Lichterman
    Working Studio
    internationally acclaimed textile artist.
    Ikat-dyed, handwoven wearable art – silk scarves and shawls. Woven silk and wire hangings. Abstract acrylic paintings of the fens.
    The Old Courthouse
    123 High Street
    CB25 9BA
    Tel: 01223 811461
  • 112
    Stuart Green
    Working Studio
    brightly coloured semi-abstract landscapes
    I create colourful, semi-abstract, textured paintings that are about enjoying process as much as landscape – creating a sense of place and space.
    Willows Studio
    60 Ely Road, Queen Adelaide
    CB7 4TZ
    Tel: 01353 661508
  • 193
    Emma Malfroy
    collage, painting and prints
    Collage, paintings and prints, using hand-painted papers, exploring pattern and colour. Images inspired by the natural world, places and stories.
    The Artists' Marquee, Burwash Manor
    New Road
    CB23 7EY
    Tel: 07934 385416
  • 3
    Yvonne Jerrold
    Working Studio
    stone carving - limestone, polyphant, alabaster
    Slow dusty hand-carving in limestone, polyphant, alabaster. Mainly figurative. Also oil paintings, monoprints, greeting cards. Free street parking.
    20 Leys Avenue
    CB4 2AW
    Tel: 01223 357642
  • 91
    Betty Ball
    textiles, patchwork, fabric dyeing
    Inspired by environmental concerns, nature and illusions. I like patterns, but breaking the rules... Techniques include patchwork and dyeing fabrics.
    Grantchester Village Hall
    High Street
    CB3 9NG
    Tel: 01487 822083
  • 76
    Denise Brandrith
    Abstract and Natural Form Paintings
    Vibrant alcohol ink paintings inspired by abstract shapes/natural forms. See me w/e 2 in Hadstock Village Hall, and w/e 4 in St John's Church Centre.
    St John’s Church Centre
    Hills Road
    CB2 8RN
    Tel: 078897 45254
  • 155
    George Hamilton
    oil painting
    Landscapes, portraits and life drawings in oils or pastels
    52 Station Road
    CB21 5ES
    Tel: 07740 462412
  • 170
    Debbie Burton
    Fused Glass Wall Art & Jewellery
    Inspired by the wonderful light-catching effects of glass, I create fused-glass wall art and free-standing pieces. I also have a range of jewellery.
    16 North Road
    CB22 4NZ
    Tel: 07766 550663
  • 54
    Hatty Richmond & Becky Convey
    Oil paintings & handmade jewellery
    A combined exhibition of oil paintings by Hatty Richmond and handcrafted jewellery utilizing silver, gold and semi-precious gemstones by Becky Convey.
    41 Vinery Road
    CB1 3DN
    Tel: 07863 139022
    • Hatty Richmond
      (oil paintings: landscapes, waterscapes and portraits.)
    • Becky Convey
      (silver jewellery handcrafted using gold and semi-precious gemstones)
  • 211
    Clive Dawson
    Working Studio
    Expressive, colourful acrylic painting.
    Expressive, colourful acrylic paintings with a sense of immediacy and emotion, showing local landscapes, cityscapes, animals, florals and more.
    7 Narrow Close
    CB24 9XX
    Tel: 07963 047003