Ho-Young Reynolds
Oil paintings (still-life/landscape/portrait). Charcoal drawings (portrait and nude). Top quality canvases and durable colours.
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Painting, like all art forms, is a communication between a creator and an audience. I make my best effort to communicate my intentions in each painting as sincerely as possible.

Even though my formal education is not in art (I hold a Ba in French literature and an MSc in Library Science), my passion for Fine Art made me give up a career as a language teacher and translator to take up painting instead. I found my art teachers in Museums and Art books. I frequent museums to admire works by Rembrandt, Manet, Picasso and many other great masters and I try to understand what makes their works so beautiful and compelling.

In terms of the technique, I generally adopt and adapt various techniques from the Old and New Masters. As long as a particular technique helps me to produce the desired effect, I do not hesitate to employ it.

Having painted landscapes and still-life for several years, I am now focusing on portraiture and figures.  But whatever the subject, my ultimate goal is the same -- finding and creating beauty.

I am currently taking commissions for portraits.