Clare Millen
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July Open Studios


Photographer required
I have 6 pieces of unframed work that I am trying to photograph at the moment but just can't get the lighting right on them. If anybody can help me I would be very will to swap this task for a piece of my window mounted work. Please let me know.
Photographer required
Print rack required
Hi does anyone have a print rack I can borrow in order to collate and display my window mounted art works over weekends 3 and 4 of open studios this year please. Im showing at the Kaetsu Centre.I can collect it and drop it off again.
Print rack required
Open Studios 2018
Painter looking to share Kaetsu Centre
Open Studios 2018

abstract paintings in acrylic
My recent work explores nature, abundance and overgrowth through layered colour and line.
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I use layers of acrylic paint to construct surfaces that resonate with wild, entrapped energy. My work celebrates nature and growth but conveys a hint of menace, entrappment and a loss of control to its overyielding power.