Abi Wills
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July Open Studios

fine art, ceramics, sculpture
Ceramic sculpture, handbuilt and slipcast with mixed media additions.

My first career was as a historian, and since becoming an artist I have continued to be inspired by the idea of past lives and our relationship with them. I'm interested in the material connection to the past that ancient objects represent, and the feeling of nostalgic intimacy and longing that they provoke. Most recently I have been thinking about objects as repositories of emotions, as holders of secrets and as embodiments of memory.

I work predominantly with bone china. Its unparalleled whiteness creates an invitation for thoughts and ideas to form in the mind of the viewer. It is a highly technical and temperamental clay, which forces me into new ways of thinking and experimenting. I am a technique magpie, combining traditional processes of hand-building and slip-casting with more modern ones such as laser cutting. I am also interested in testing the boundaries and bonds between materials, combining clay with glass and metal. 

I completed the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at City Lit in 2018 with distinction, and the 'Contemporary Practice' course in 2019. I am currently establishing my practice as an independent fine artist.