Mara Fox
painting and sculpture
Mixed media, oil, acrylic and sand. Uses wood, canvas and slate for stylistic variety. Also stone carving. Parking in driveway.
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Born within the sound of Bow Bells but lived in South Kensington before transferring to Brighton. After a short spell in Greece and Surrey moved to Cambridge. Despite a professional legal career there has been an abiding interest in artistic presentation curtailed only by the need to provide for the necessities of life. Wood is my preferred painting surface as well as wood/slate. Having a continuing affection for Greece has led me to paint the lovely island of Hydra - both the scenic harbour front and little cameos of the many alleyways that abound in a carless environment. Trips to Tuscany and Australia have borne fruit; the eucalyptus bark in the latter, with its myriad colours and textures, providing fuel for the imagination. I like to work with acrylics due to the versatility of the medium, its fast drying properties and plasticity. It mixes well with other materials giving a sense of freedom to experiment. More recently,however, I have preferred the more engaging finished effect of oils, together with their more subtle appeal to the eye . my paintings are a often a mix of the two. I have recently undertaken some stone carving in Carrara marble, alabaster and polyphant. One of my paintings is in the Cambridge Observatory and has been listed as being part of the nations assets.