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Rowan Gallery

At Rowan our artists work collaboratively with people with learning disabilities to create high quality artwork. We utilise a wide range of techniques and mediums including ceramics, print, textiles, woodwork, mixed media, as well as having the opportunity to be involved in the performing arts, in our well-equipped studios and workshops. 

We are always delighted to take on a commission for both public and private works of art. Art work is for sale at Cambridge Open studios and at other exhibitions and events throughout the year. Please do contact us for more information about commissioning, purchasing, gift-vouchers and how you can help this vital charity.

The Rowan Gallery includes a variety of previous artworks including commisions and the student artists own work. 

July Open Studios

woodwork, ceramics, print, mixed media, textiles and the performing arts.
Rowan is an arts centre and charity for adults with learning disabilities. Commissions taken, art on sale.
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Rowan is a charity and arts centre on Humberstone Road that brings artists and people with learning disabilities together in the production of fine artwork and crafts. Rowan provides opportunities for skills development, making choices, self-expression and creative exploration within a safe and professional art environment.

Rowan aims to empower people with learning disabilities to lead fulfilled, useful and happy lives through enabling them to grow artistically as well as personally; promoting their well-being and dignity.