July Open studios

It is with great regret that we have had to cancel the 2020 July Open Studios due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, many of our members are instead taking part in 'Cambridge Open Windows 2020', displaying their work in windows and front gardens. Find out more here: https://www.camopenstudios.co.uk/open-windows

  • 10
    Susan Cupitt
    Working Studio
    hand-thrown ceramics
    Stoneware and porcelain, thrown on the wheel. Some experimental forms. Also domestic ware, such as mugs, jugs, teapots and bowls.
    62 Humberstone Road
    CB4 1JF
    Tel: 01223 311937
  • 48
    Abi Wills
    fine-art ceramic sculpture
    I make ceramic sculpture exploring ideas of fragility, intimacy, memory and imagination.
    93 Cavendish Road
    CB1 3AE
    Tel: 01223 210258
  • 53
    Hilary Moreton
    experiments and adventures in drawing
    When I'm walking, all I think about is walking. When I'm drawing, all I think about is drawing. Semi-abstract works using line to explore the page.
    St Barnabas Press
    9/10 Belfast Yard, Coldham's Road
    CB1 3EW
  • 92
    Rebecca-Anne and Denise Boldra
    silver, swarovski crystals
    Contemporary silversmithing and jewellery. Flowing silversmithing designs and sparkling Swarovski crystals in semi-precious jewellery.
    The Old Museum, The Orchard
    47 Mill Way
    CB3 9ND
    Tel: 07922 098314
  • 195
    Nicola Beattie
    Working Studio
    sculptures in stone and bronze
    Sculptures for both indoors and outside in stone, wood, bronze and resin – come and see finished works as well as stone and plaster works in progress.
    The Rectory, The Green
    St Neots
    PE19 6TG
    Tel: 01480 880400
  • 129
    Karen Larwood
    colourful, textured landscape paintings
    I produce vibrant, expressive landscape paintings. I aim to capture the colour and texture of the natural environment using bold colours and texture.
    39 Fordham Road
    CB7 5AH
  • 164
    Justine Jarman
    contemporary silver jewellery
    Chilli Designs. Beautiful, simple silver works. See me: w/e 2 Home End, Fulbourn; w/e 3 Linton (+ 3 other artists); w/e 4: St Johns Church, Hills Rd.
    Linton Village Hall
    Coles Lane
    CB21 4JS
    Tel: 07787 506785
  • 95
    Paul Ashley
    people, performance and fine art
    See a display of examples of my photography of drama and performance, and work combining poetry and images.
    59 Gilbert Road
    CB4 3NZ
    Tel: 01223 312668
  • 83
    Ho-Young Reynolds
    Working Studio
    oil paintings, charcoal & pencil drawings
    Oil paintings (still life/landscape/portraits/nude). Top-quality canvases and durable colours. Portrait commissions taken.
    6 One Tree Road
    CB2 9BT
    Tel: 07795 478643
  • 176
    InkedUp Artmakers: Fiona Payne, Julie Philpot Ball, Richard Gilyread
    printmaking, painting and textiles.
    Contemporary printmaking, vibrant paintings, prints, textiles, quilts, cards, gifts. Inspired by nature and more. Tea in the garden, easy parking.
    Chalk House, 3 Rectory Farm Barns
    Church Street
    Great Shelford
    CB22 5EL
    Tel: 07981 527743
  • 197
    Clay at Caldecote
    Four potters – many techniques
    Clay is a versatile material that can be manipulated into a desired form. Four potters – Martin George, Juliet Gorman, Jennie Longbottom & Carol Page.
    103 Highfields Road
    Highfields Caldecote
    CB23 7NX
    Tel: 01954 210921
  • 157
    Yoli Nobel and Fenella Francis
    adventures in art and jewellery
    Jewellery & art of complementary styles, including elegant hand-worked silver, plus beading incorporating ethnic symbols & a selection of paintings.
    'Twelve', 15 High Street
    CB21 5DM
    Tel: 07880 928695
    • Yoli Nobel
      (jewellery, beading and paintings in oil, acrylic, watercolour and mixed media.)
    • Fenella Francis
      (elegant and fun silver jewellery and some handmade prints.)
  • 236
    Adrian Parfitt
    Working Studio
    furniture designer / maker / teacher
    My prime motivation is the desire to create interesting furniture that combines original design, exemplary craftsmanship and the finest wood.
    29 Brook street
    CB23 4HX
    Tel: 01954 267312
  • 243
    Kieron Dunk
    Working Studio
    painting in oils
    Painting in oils, landscapes, still life and, more recently, portraits.
    The Limes
    The Green
    PE28 9NA
    Tel: 07715 923922
  • 224
    Michael Hughes
    wood turning, quality local craftsman
    Wide variety of items turned from local hardwoods. Functional and decorative items.
    Little Oak
    66 Station Road
    CB24 5HG
    Tel: 01954 261773
  • 241
    Clare Trowell
    Working Studio
    linocut fine-art printmaking
    I enjoy creating linocut prints, using my small press, inspired by the natural world. Printing demonstrations, cards and refreshments available.
    41 High Street
    Hemingford Grey
    PE28 9BJ
    Tel: 07903 596683
  • 232
    Christopher O'Connor
    oils and other mediums
    I would be very pleased to welcome you to Willow Cottage in Boxworth to take a look at recent works. Still learning and exploring!
    Willow Cottage
    School Lane
    CB23 4ND
    Tel: 07796 691311
  • 39
    John Tordoff
    painting, collage, landscape
    My paintings are mostly urban landscapes, especially of Cambridge. I work mostly in mixed media, using collage and acrylic. More recently in oils.
    38 Norfolk Terrace
    CB1 2NG
    Tel: 01223 312188
  • 160
    Allison Henderson
    painting, drawing and printmaking
    Paintings and prints delighting in colour and line, inspired by the natural world and observational drawing. Practical demos throughout the day.
    14 Home End
    CB21 5BS
    Tel: 07743 709476
  • 31
    Lynne Strover
    Working Studio
    one-off design silver jewellery
    Lynne predominantly works in silver and semi-precious stones to create simple wearable pieces with a timeless quality.
    38 Orchard Street
    CB1 1JS
    Tel: 07763 915850
  • 124
    Mack Mathod
    absurdism, dadaism, silliesm
    I am an absurdist artist using silly ideas and images in found photography, text, poetry and anything else that feeds my strange sense of humour
    12 Annesdale
    CB7 4BN
    Tel: 07934 476185
  • 226
    Linda Duclaud-Williams
    Working Studio
    handbuilt ceramics
    My work is hand-built using various techniques. Therefore, in my studio, you will find a variety of unique items, each with their own individuality.
    16 Priest Lane
    CB24 5HZ
    Tel: 07752 188423
  • 73
    Veronica Thornton
    Working Studio
    mixed-media textiles
    Mixed-media textiles inspired by stories of place, aerial photography and maps. Currently working on coastal erosion in East Anglia.
    96 Blinco Grove
    CB1 7TS
    Tel: 07814 249923
  • 170
    Felicity de Vries
    Working Studio
    Fine-art contemporary prints
    Vibrant mono-printed linocuts inspired by the natural world and wildlife produced on 1837 Albion Press. Prints and cards for sale and demonstrations.
    16 North Road
    CB22 4NZ
    Tel: 07794 992021
  • 235
    Chrissie Gutsell
    Working Studio
    painting and mixed media
    My practice is fluid. Currently, I am using psychogeography to explore layers, repetition and multiple images. My style is abstract/semi-abstract.
    26 Brook Street
    CB23 4HX
  • 178
    Anja Perry Art
    Working Studio
    abstract acrylic paintings
    Vibrant abstract acrylic paintings inspired by the sea, nature and emotions. Oil paintings. Original framed paintings. Garden for tea and cake.
    2 Rectory Farm Barns
    Church Street
    Great Shelford
    CB22 5EL
    Tel: 07748 990758
  • 190
    John McGill
    Working Studio
    sculpture and drawing
    I am fascinated with transformation – bronze and other materials fuse ideas to produce a new reality. Drawings and sculptures in a C17 barn/orchard.
    The Berern
    Comberton Road
    CB23 2RY
    Tel: 01223 262024
  • 42
    Rosemary Catling
    Working Studio
    Contemporary figurative painting
    New paintings, drawings, prints and collage. Work mainly figurative, often autobiographical. Themes of ephemerality and absence. Interesting garden.
    10 Gwydir Street
    CB1 2LL
    Tel: 01223 323798
  • 23
    Chrissie Havers
    Colourful contemporary landscapes large and small
    Paintings with intense colours, landscapes, still-life subjects. ‘Tiny Art’ handpainted greeting cards. Prizewinner ‘Artist Magazine’ exhibition 2019.
    The Woodyard
    38 Cheddars Lane
    CB5 8LD
    Tel: 01799 584648
  • 121
    Melanie Goemans
    painting, etching, designed products
    Artist working in old media seeking incidental, overlooked forms in nature and drawing attention to them. Studio also open by appointment 6–17 July.
    31 Forehill
    (free car park opposite)
    CB7 4AA
  • 134
    Anthony Day
    Working Studio
    painting, drawing
    Open two weekends this year, but access by phone always for a green welcome.
    12 Pond Green
    CB7 5XX
    Tel: 01353 720159
  • 88
    Tess Recordon
    Working Studio
    Contemporary, striking landscapes
    Contemporary, striking landscapes, highly original in style.
    69 Broadway
    CB3 9NQ
    Tel: 07870 963587
  • 91
    Helena Hadjioannou
    painting, digital work, fused glass, pendants
    Paintings, digital art, fused glass artworks inspired by the love of creating art that connects me with nature. Abstract and semi-abstract formations.
    Grantchester Village Hall
    Vicarage Drive
    CB3 9NG
    Tel: 07902 913711
  • 76
    Denise Brandrith
    Abstract and Natural Form Paintings
    Vibrant alcohol ink paintings inspired by abstract shapes/natural forms. See me w/e 2 in Hadstock Village Hall, and w/e 4 in St John's Church Centre.
    St John’s Church Centre
    Hills Road
    CB2 8RN
    Tel: 078897 45254
  • 246
    Bella Tapp
    Working Studio
    fine-art printmaker
    Stylised figurative work, focussing on beauty and decorative patterns inspired by nature. Printing demos, cards and refreshments available.
    Halcyon House
    108 High Street
    PE19 6SD
    Tel: 07974 016964
  • 105
    Andy English
    Working Studio
    hand-engraver of woodblock prints
    Professional printmaker of wood engravings for exhibition, illustration and bookplates. Prints for sale. Demos of engraving and Victorian presses.
    92 Cannon Street
    Little Downham
    CB6 2SS
    Tel: 01353 699657