Creative Art Printmaking Workshop-Linocut

22 Mar 2017 - 09:00 to 15:00
Creative Art Printmaking Workshop-Linocut
01954 267844
Broad End
CB23 4JD
Disabled access: 

In my studio in Elsworth.  Using a printmaking press and learning techniques to try at home.  Suitable for absolute beginners or those with experience. Informal & fun.

This Workshop will include an introduction for beginners on mark making on lino, printing and making a easy jigsaw linocut (cutting up the carved plate, putting individual colours on the pieces, and printing the plate jigsawed back together)

We will continue to explore simple reduction linocuts (cutting away the plate in stages after each colour has been printed-for just 3 or so stages/colours), including registration (printing one layer of colour on another)

We will look briefly at hand burnishing, that is printing without a press, so that you can try the printmaking at home.  

There will also be a chance to learn about and try your hand at monoprints too!

£55 per person, including materials.  Small group.

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Sherry Rea
printmaking and paint