Autumn Raku firing workshops at Paula Armstrong Ceramics

Kickstarter project to help Paula to keep offering ceramics workshops during lockdown.

Paula Armstrong Ceramics studioPaula Armstrong Ceramics based in Fenstanton, Cambs has, like so many small businesses, had to close during the COVID-19 crisis. No longer able to offer classes and workshops inside the studio they have taken to Kickstarter with an exciting project to move ceramics workshops outdoors with the spectacular raku firing process!

“I’ve wanted to offer raku workshops for a few years but the current crisis made it a priority,” said Paula.

Launching tomorrow 1st July the plan is to offer autumn workshops outdoors for making and/or glazing a piece of ceramics that will then be fired in a special gas fired kiln.  Backers can choose what reward level they would like from £1 for a personal thank you email to £150 for a unique raku fired ceramic sculpture made in Paula’s characteristic organic style and different size ceramics pieces in between.  For those who would prefer to participate there are also rewards to attend a glazing and firing workshop or, for those who would like to make their own piece to fire, the make, glaze and fire workshop, but places are limited so you’ll need to book fast.

Paula said “I’m really excited about this project as I’ve missed being able to teach and raku is such an exciting process to share.  It’s perfect for anyone who would like to have a go from absolute beginners to the more experienced makers who’d like to try raku.”

The raku process is an amazing spectacle to watch as the pieces are removed from the kiln red hot then some can be placed in a bin of sawdust or paper which instantly catches fire.  The special glazes and techniques can give some beautiful results including white crackle (with fine black cracks through the glaze) to colourful oil spot effect using copper.



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