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I came to clay many years ago, as so many do during Junior school, trying to retain my skills at evening school and short courses throughout my professional career.

Over the last five years I have concentrated on using stoneware, earthenware and terracota,  combining the pottery wheel with hand building skills to develop my own form.  This remains in its infancy but I have recently learned the art of smoke firing, raku and electric horse hair firing techniques to compliment the pottery I make. I prefer the natural look and feel of stoneware, therefore keeping my glazing to a minimum,  but my real passion is gardening and this year I have concentrated much of my work on teracotta for outdoor , functional use.

By using teracotta in many forms of garden vessels I can use the earth to highlight colous from the garden, having a practical and pleasing look to any garden.  Most of my work is scattered in my garden for visitors to see but this year (2017) I will be displaying some of this work in Cambridge Open Studios. Some of the work will be both practical and amusing. After joining Anglian Potters four years ago, I have become passionate about the use of clay as an art form along with the therapeutic properties of creativity. I am secretary for Anglian Potters






Wheel thrown sunset glaze

    Blue Chun bowl with terra cotta feet

    Terra Cotta wall vases

    Garden Vase feet

    July Open Studios

    ceramics, terracotta garden ware
    My work is now composed of both hand building and integrated wheel thrown pieces using stoneware and porcelain clays and glazed.
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    Inspiration comes from looking at other artits's work and nature. Glazing is kept to a minimum in order to appreciate the natural feel and texture of the clay which at times is highly burnished and smoke fired; at other times with minimal glazing and oxides. My passion is the work of Mata Ortiz handbuiding and aztec designs and this is what I am working towards.

    I prefer rounded, natural shapesof nature, with landscape reflexions which can be achieved with smoke, horsehair and saggar firings. This sits well when using teracotta or unglazed stoneware.