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Cambridge Open Studios 2021
Cambridge Open Studios 2021


Studies in Creativity
Article exploring the creative process, featuring Open Studios artist Miranda Boulton
Studies in Creativity

furniture and chairs in wood
From a home workshop, I make aesthetic, practical furniture in English hardwoods. In particular chairs that combine comfort with elegance.
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I am inspired both by the great British tradition of classic furniture designers like Sheraton and Hepplewhite, as well as by our regional tradition of chair-making like Windsor and ladder backs. I also have a huge admiration for the approach and style of the American 20th century studio furniture movement, people like Sam Maloof, Art Carpenter and Jere Osgood.

 Antiques are often too heavy, dark and ornamented for the modern kitchen-diners or open plan sitting rooms. The American studio designers were catering for more expansive rooms and exuberant decor. But I think a synthesis of these influences can create something special yet fitted to us and our environment today.

I am seeking to create simple, striking objects based on traditional elements and elegant curves that are comfortable to sit in and a pleasure to live with. If you are interested in a chair for someone or somewhere special, please talk to me about commissioning.