Nancy Kimberley
Original handmade silver, copper and enamel jewellery
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I design and hand-make jewellery in my conservatory studio in Cambridge.  I have been making jewellery for over 10 years and began my learning at White House Arts.

My jewellery is sterling silver with accents of copper and brass to add colour and interest.  I enjoy forging metal with a hammer to create interesting shapes and textures.  Many of my designs involve piercing or sawing out intricate shapes and precise soldering.  A lot of my inspiration comes from nature, as I have always had an interest in the environment around us.  My background is in geography and town planning.

Since I was little I have enjoyed drawing and painting and my love of colour has led me to using enamel in jewellery making.  I use my kiln to produce pieces in vitreous enamel, which is essentailly powdered glass which fuses at high temperatures.  In some pieces I have used the technique of cloisonne.  I make small cells using silver wire and then carefully fill these with different colours of enamel.  The technique is very time consuming as several layers of enamel are applied and fired.  Another technique is sgraffito, where a top layer of enamel is scratched through to reveal lower layers.  This is a much more relaxed technique which gives some interesting results.

I sell online on and at Haddenham Galleries Craft Centre near Ely.

Visitors are welcome by appointment - please give me a ring or send an email.