Dilek Ozgit
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40" x 40", mixed media on canvas


20" x 36", mixed media on canvas


20" x 36", mixed media on canvas

Experimental Light Cone

20" x 36", mixed media on canvas

Light Cone Approaching an Event Horizon

12" x 16", mixed media on canvas

Fragmented Dimensions

 40" x 40", mixed media on canvas

In the Deepest

12" x 16", mixed media on paper

Monolith I

12" x 12", mixed media on paper

Monolith II

 12" x 12", mixed media on paper

Broken Symmetry 3 fold in earth

12" x 12", mixed media on paper

Broken Symmetry 4 fold in red

12" x 12", mixed media on paper

Broken Symmetry 5 fold in green

12" x 12", mixed media on paper

Broken Symmetry 6 fold in blue

12" x 12", mixed media on paper


40" x 60", mixed media on canvas


6" x 8", watercolours on paper

Death of Perception

20" x 32", mixed media on canvas

The Watercolour Out of Space


 mixed media on canvas


mixed media on canvas

The Watercolor Out of Space II

mixed media on paper

The Watercolor Out of Space III

mixed media on canvas

Anodes and Cathodes

Going in Circles



My Events

New Constructivists Exhibition 2018
8 Jan 2018 - 18:00 to 20:30
New Constructivists Exhibition 2018

July Open Studios

Abstract, mixed media
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I am an artist and an engineer based in Cambridge. Originally from Turkey, I moved in the UK to study my PhD in Engineering at the University of Cambridge. Being inspired by my scientific and engineering background, I developed the skill of converting my experiences and emotions into well-defined geometric shapes, sharp lines combined with vibrant colours. My work explores a range of media; primarily acrylics and watercolours.

I am one of the members of the New Constructivists, an association of professional artists exhibiting around London with a strong interest in non-figurative work derived from geometry, abstraction and science. I also collaborate with scientists around Cambridge to promote the idea of SciArt. I contributed to the online exhibition called Intersecting Perspectives in SciArt magazine published in New York. I am still fully engaged with science and engineering as the Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Zinergy UK LTD aiming to manufacture ultrathin, printed and flexible batteries to power next generation wearable electronics and Internet of Things.


 SciArt Events

Soapbox Science is a novel public outreach platform for promoting women scientists and the science they do. A special edition of event took place at Strawberry Fair in Cambridge this year: Soapbox Art and Science. For this event, Nicola Smyllie, from the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology at University of Cambridge was partnered with engineer and local artist Dilek Özgit to give a more visual presentation on the research of circadian clocks. Dilek visited the Nicola at the LMB, to see first-hand the types of research conducted by The Hastings lab in the Neurobiology Division. Dilek then created a painting especially for the event, inspired by the brain slice imaging of the master clock, the suprachiasmatic nucleus. Here we display her painting along side a microscopy image, taken by Nicola, showing the master clock labelled in different colours for different neuronal cell types.

The suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN), master clock of the brain as seen by immunofluorescence and confocal microscopy (left), or abstract acrylic painting, where local artist, Dilek, drew inspiration from visiting the Hastings Lab at the LMB (right). This formed part of our collaboration for the Soapbox Science and Art event, where we presented on the theme of circadian clocks. Soapbox Science is an outreach platform for promoting women scientists and bringing their research into public spaces.


Future Exhibitions


2019 Oct-Nov        New Constructivist 2019, Chelsea Town Hall, London

2019                      Hanbury Manor, Hertfordshire


Past Exhibitions


2018 Oct               Cambridge Open Art Exhibition

2018 Jul                Cambridge Open Studios

2018 Jan - July      New Constructivist 2018, Cavendish Conference Centre, London

2018 Jun               SoapBox Science Cambridge

2017 Dec              Intersecting Perspectives, SciArt Magazine, NewYork

2017 Jul                Fragmentation: Reconstructing Reality, Courtyard Arts Gallery, Hertford

2017 Jun - Aug    Mardleybury Gallery, Hertfordshire

2017 Apr              Spring Exhibition, Saffron Walden Art Society

2015- 2017           The Art of Engineering, University of Cambridge



Oct 2012- Oct 2016     University of Cambridge, PhD in Engineering    

Oct 2007- Jul 2012      Middle East Technical University, Turkey,

                                     BSc in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering


Honours and Awards

Oct 2016                      6 Inspiring Women in STEM, Serious Impact

Oct 2016                      SEM Prize in ZEISS Photo Competition

June 2016                    EnterpriseWISE - CJBS

Oct 2015                      Third Prize in ZEISS Photo Competition

Oct 2012                      Cambridge International Scholarship