David Graham
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Winter in Iceland

A series of colour drawings in pastel and coloured pencil on paper. This series is inspired by the multitude of colours to be found in the white cold land of fire and ice. The careful use of coloured pencils allows for the introduction of a range of vibrant colours which mix directly on the paper to produce vivid pictures.


This is a series of etching prints which are concerned with ideas on the terraforming of Mars. Terraforming is the process of rendering a planet inhabitable to people. Two of the first steps would be the thickening of the atmosphere and the release of water onto the surface to create a new environment.

Intimate Landscapes

These works play with ideas of complexity, limited horizons and intimate landscapes.

Nordic Culture

Since visiting Iceland I have been interested in Nordic Folklore. In particular the myth of the Seal People, who are a race of aquatic seals who can shed their skins to become land dwelling people. But if they lose their seal skins they can never return to the ocean.

July Open Studios

drawing and printmaking
My work is about mark-making in both drawing and etching and has an illustrative quality that at times ranges into abstraction.
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David is an Artist whose approach comes directly from observation. He is fascinated by the process of mark-making in both drawing and etched printmaking. His work is first and foremost based in an illustrative tradition; protraying objects, people and scenes. Yet his work can also extend into the semi-abstract with chaotic expressive patterns derived from observation.

David has exhibited in the UK in both Cambridge and Bath and has been published in the Royal Society of Chemistry Press.