Gina Arnold
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July Open Studios

I love to create sterling silver jewellery, using a variety of techniques, experimenting with texture and adding colour with semi precious gemstones.
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I have been making silver jewellery for about five or six years, attending evening classes and weekend courses to develop new skills, and I have come to realise that I will be on a life long learning curve, as the possibilities are so diverse and endless. My love of creating beautiful pieces continues to grow the more I learn. A couple of years ago I wrote an article about my journey and inspirations.  This was published in Jewellery Maker magazine.

I take my inspiration from the world around me with a strong pull towards nature.  Much of my recent work has encompassed a bee theme. Bees are imperative in ensuring the survival of the environment we live in. I hope my jewellery is playing a small part in helping to raise the profile of these incredible creatures and how they need protecting as an endangered species.  

My other inspirations emerge from a personal interest in geometric shapes and a fascination with how on their own, they appear simple and elegant, and yet combined, they can form intricate detailed patterns and textures.

Wherever my learning curve takes me, my goal will always be to make the wearer of my pieces feel special.