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Andrew Henderson-Art Portfolio: Still Life

This portfolio is a sample selection of still life works in a variety of media, covering a wide range of subjects.

These are drawn using Rotring Ar Pen, with either water washes, or Caran D'Ache coloured pencils. I also have a few drawings in pencil.

Andrew Henderson-Art Portfolio: Interiors

As with my still life drawings, my interiors are all drqawn and completed in situ. As well as the Rotring Art Pen, and Coloured pencils, or water washes, I sometimes also use a biro

Andrew Henderson Art Portfolio: Architecture & Landscape-UK

I love drawing out in the open, and these drawings were each finished in a single sitting, on location. Using water washes on Roting ink creates some great effects, and a combination of blotting, and over-drawing allows the drawing to be built up in layers.

Unfortunately there is no "undo " button on my sketch pads, which are often littered with false starts. 

Andrew Henderson-Art Portfolio-Architecture & Landscape (Foreign)

I love drawing abroad, and it's a great way to meet the locals. Unfortunately, some of these drawings have quite a high carbon footprint.

When travelling I usually carry an A5 Daler Rowney sketch pad, as this size is very portable, and easy to work on. Also the paper is heavy enough to take a wash without crinkling.

I find drawing is the best way to really appreciate a building, street scene, or landscape, and by the time I have finished I have usually become aware of a whole load of features of the subject that I hadn't even noticed when I started.

Andrew Henderson Art Portfolio-Bicycles

Bicycles are everywhere in Cambridge, and I like including them in street scenes

July Open Studios

drawing and painting
I studied Architecture at Heriot Watt University/Edinburgh Coll. of Art, and have been drawing and painting since childhood.

For me, drawing and painting is a way of experiencing the world at a level deeper than the normal shallow way in which we look at, (and often don't see) things. Drawing and painting can highlight the beauty in everday scenes and objects

I do not limit myself to any particular subject matter, but because of my Architectural background, I inevitably produce a lot of images containing buildings. However, I also enjoy drawing trees and nature, still life, and people. 

I like the challenge of producing original images of cliched subjects, such as the town of Cambridge.

My preferred medium is pen and ink. I generally use a fine grade Rotring Art pen, combined with water washes, or coloured pencil. I also draw in biro and ocassionally pencil. I generally work on A5 Daler bound sketch books, and sometimes A4 pads.

As well as this I do oil paintings, some based on sketches, and some done directly from my own photos. 

I have no issues with working from photos, as long as they are my own. Photos allow you to capture scenes that may only exist for a few seconds, before a key part of the subject moves.

I love drawing in the open air, and here always draw directly in ink, with no pencil under-drawing. These drawings have a vitality, and spontaneity, sometimes lacking in more formal drawings.

I also produce intricate line drawings, using Staedtler Pigment Liner pens, over pencil under-drawings, coloured with Caran D'Ache pencils. I have mainly used these images for Christmas cards, but have also produced some individual drawings in the same style.

I am a member of the Cambridge Urban Sketchers group, and love the diversity of images produced by a group of people all tackling the same subject. I also attend the Drink and Draw evenings, at Hot Numbers cafe.