Chrissie J Hawkes
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Studies in Vibrancy

This series of paintings are acrylic on Strathmore paper. 

Card Portfolio

I get selected paintings made into cards and love seeing how they come out in that format. Have fun looking at the ones here and if you are interested in any please do contact me.

Series in Blue # 2 to #10

These are 5x7 Framed pictures of a series that used a predomiately blue palette. They are on Strathmore Acrylic 400grm paper.

July Open Studios

Cambridge Open Studios 2021
Cambridge Open Studios 2021
Intuitive Painter
Intuitive Painter in acrylics and eco friendly oils. Loves working on large canvases and letting colour decide what the painting wants to be.
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My work is abstract /Intuitive in style and I work primarily in acrylics and eco friendly oils. Going with the flow and not knowing what will happen allows me to play with texture and color and see what appears. My current practice is exploring how color can allow a painting to come into being. I put out a limited palette and then add paint to the support and keep adding layers, scraping, scratching, drawing, doodling, adding washes then scraping some more until something begins to take shape. My current enquiry is ‘does a painting have to be about something tangible to give it resonance’. I am usually based in the States for 7 months of the year, however, Covid has meant I am here in the UK for the forseeable future so I have taken a studio at Haddenham Arts Centre for a year. I am there on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays if you would like to come and talk about my work. I also offer one to one or small group workshops on my process.