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Lily Collection

Elegant, stylish and timeless.

The Lily Collection remains one of my most popular designs. Inspired by the Arum Lily flower, this jewellery has clean lines and simple beauty. Hand made in sterling silver, this collection continues to be loved and admired by discerning ladies who appreciate uncluttered design and style.

The centre piece of this collection is the Lily Torque, a stunning statement piece, guaranteed to attract admiring looks and comments. This torque has been purchased to be worn by the bride at her wedding, at a gala dinner, the opera, a special evening event and Ascot. It is also often given for a Christmas gift, a special birthday present and to mark an anniversary. Very often the torque is bought just because ‘she loves it’ with no occasion in mind. Whether you choose to wear this piece daily, or for more special occasions it is sure to be one you return to time and time again.

There are two beautiful bangles available in this range, as well as a choice of lovely pendants, stud and drop earrings and a fabulous adjustable ring. There are also lily cufflinks so that the men can feel special too! The pendants and earrings have a flattering shape and are available in different sizes, so that you are sure to find the jewellery which is perfect for you.

Any of this range can be commissioned to order in 9ct or 18ct gold. It is also possible to have a silver piece with a gold lily stamen for contrast and warmth.

Wearing any of the Lily Collection will make you look and feel, elegant, sophisticated and special.

The Blu Feather Spirit Collection

Beautiful sterling silver and sterling silver with 24ct gold vermeil feather pendants and earrings.

Jewellery of significance


Let me be like a feather, 

Strong with purpose,

Good principles & values,

Flexible & forgiving,

Never rigid or unfeeling,

Should I ever stray from my path,

Know that I can self heal

And find my path once more.

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The Balance Collection

The balance collection was inspired by my yoga practice. The smooth , tactile teardrop is designed to be touched and rotated. The teardrop shape represents the Gyan Mudra , a hand position in yoga. The thumb and first finger are pressed together to forma teardrop shape. This pose reduces depression, anxiety and stress, inducing calm and helping restore your inner balance. The teardrop also symbolises mindfulness- the practice of being totally present, neither in the past or the future. William Blake said that presence is the gateway to eternity. The greatest gift you can give someone is your total and undivided presence. The Balance collection is available as necklaces, pendants and earrings, helping your be present and in Balance every day.



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Flame Collection

A stunning, sterling silver pendant inspired by the mythological Phoenix rising from the ashes. It has a central coil to represent a fire whirl which burns brighter and , hotter and faster than normal flames.

The collection is infused with meaning and significance.


Just for Me

'Just for Me' is a collection of pendants and bracelets  in sterling silver. Each piece is handmade to order especially for you. A little reminder to take time to for yourself to charge your batteries .

Just Earrings

A small collection of limited edition sterling silver hoop earrings.

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The Be-Leaf collection

The Be-Leaf collection in sterling silver is elegant and timeless.

The beautiful , matt leaves are hinged together so that they articulate to lie smoothly and flatteringly over the skin.

Belief in yourself and your abilities is vital to achieve success. Henry Ford famously stated "Whether you think you can or you think you can't , you are right". I wear this necklace to remind myself to quash any self doubt and believe in my abilities. With the right mindset you are well one your way to achieving your dreams.



A collection of sterling silver, gold and precious stone jewellery

July Open Studios

Cambridge Open Studios 2021
Cambridge Open Studios 2021


Jewellery Making Courses
The Perfect Gift for Mother's Day
Jewellery Making Courses
Exhibition space in Grantchester Village hall
An opportunity to exhibit in a prime location
Talented artists needed to exhibit in a prime location
An opportunity to exhibit in a prime location
Open Studio opportunity
Opportunity for an Open Studio exhibition in a prime location
Open Studio opportunity
Cambridge Style Week 2015
Fashion Catwalks , Boutique shops, Inspirational Speakers, an Icon Ball - all in Cambridge for Style Week 2015!
Cambridge Style Week 2015

Elegant jewellery in silver & gold, inspired by nature. Jewellery that is authentically you. Designed with Passion. Given with Love. Worn with Style.
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I am passionate about designing jewellery elegant, stylish jewellery that will be cherished and worn with love.


Jewellery is much more than an accessory. Jewellery should look beautiful, make you feel fabulous and reveal a little piece of the real you. 

I started designing and making jewellery in silver gold 21 years ago, when I couldn't find the exact jewellery I wanted and have never looked back. Much of my jewellery is designed in cohesive collections to include  necklaces, earrings , bracelets and rings, but I also love to create one- of - kind pieces. All jewellery is created in silver, gold or a mixture of the two precious metals.

My greatest wish it that my jewellery is cherished and worn often, so as well as making the jewellery as stylish and elegant as possible, I have also infused the more recent collections with symbolism and meaning. For example the Blu Feather Spirit Collection symbolises inner strength, resilience and the ability to self-heal. The Balance Collection, represents inner calm and balance and the ability to be flexible in both thought and action. Flame symbolises the ability to pivot and rebuild like the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

This summer will see the creation of the new collection , 'Constellations'. A collection of limited edition and one-of-kind pieces incorporating precious and semi-precious stones. 

Made with Passion. Given with Love. Worn with Style.