Charlotte Cornish
painting, printmaking.
Colourful, vibrant paintings, prints and works on paper. Studio located in the garden of ‘The Moorings’, at the end of Thrifts Walk.
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Bright, vivid colour and bold, abstracted forms feature in my paintings and prints. I am fascinated by the qualities of paint, the unending possibilities of colour and colour relationships, and the potential this has to create connections and reactions. I use acrylic paint as this dries relatively quickly, allowing me to build up many layers of thinly poured paint, contrasting with directly applied, thicker applications of paint. The paintings usually take about eight weeks to complete. I regularly exhibit my paintings and prints, selling to both private and corporate clients. A significant part of my practice is engaged with commissioned work, working with art consultancies and galleries, producing work for commercial and domestic environments. At this year's Open Studio I will be exhibiting paintings, works on paper, and limited edition original prints. I am also very happy to discuss commissions.