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Broken Tondo, Hoptonwood limestone 2014

Broken Tondo, Hoptonwood limestone. First of a series of discs that are an ongoing project through 2014-2015.Broken Tondo; Hoptonwood limestone.

Rotational disc, Portland stone 2015

2nd in a series of discs; a series that occupies my output currently. What drives the work on these is finding ways of expressing the ambiguities and paradoxes that make up the whole; in life, as in the work. They incorporate the broken edges and finished surfaces that manifest in much of my work, with their evocations of an imagined past.

Little Myth. Hoptonwood limestone/marble/mixed media

Like all my work this concerns my interest in and passion for history, pre-history, artefacts, archaeology, ruins, remains, memory & passing time. I make work not to depict but to resonate, as poetry evokes rather than describes.....................

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Ludic Block. Hoptonwood limestone 2014

Continious endless path traversing round block and through three piercings. 

Vessel with imagined history. Hoptonwood limestone.

One of a series of bowls made between 2005 and the present. Rubbed Hoptonwood limestone, fine finished, 2 spouts/outlets.

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Disc 3, Portland stone 2015 (Waves & Chevrons)

Third disc of a current series cut and carved in 2014-15. This piece has now been SOLD, May 2015.

Nazca labyrinth.

Nazca labyrinth, Portland stone. Different form to the classical Greek/Mediterranean labyrinth - these are found in the SW states of N America.

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Bronze rotational disc. Eclipse.

Bronze cast from original cut and carved Portland stone disc. Number 1 of a limited edition. Cast at Autus Fine Arts, Llanfyllin, Powys.

Love Is Love Not Fade Away (Buddy Holly)

Love Is Love Not Fade Away - Buddy Holly. 750mm long slab of Portland stone, letter cut.

Little Babylon. Hoptonwood limestone

Tiered tower with diminishing niches and broken edges. This piece is now SOLD at In And Out Of The Garden, May 2015.

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Works current and past.

A selection of current & past work. Images in separate portfolios with description available below.

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Large Bronze Disc 2018. Machina/Naturae. New York Commission

2018 saw an interesting commission; in 2014-15 I started carving a series of discs with repeat geometric patterns, sometimes pierced, sometimes not. three of them were quite small, about 325mm/13" diameter. One I had cast in bronze from a 1:1 mould taken from the original stone piece.

I had an email in Spring 2018 from a client in New York who had seen the bronze piece on my website or Instagram, liked it, and asked about a larger one of the same configuration at 27" diameter. My initial thoughts were that I would have to carve the piece again at that larger scale in order to get a mould made for casting. But the more people I talked to about it, the more I came across people who suggested scanning and 3D printing - once the scan exists as a file, then the piece can be printed at any scale and a mould made. I made contact with in Wisbech who were immensely helpful; they had the original scanned, then printed at the enlarged scale in plastic. This was then taken up to in Llanrhaeadr, Mid Wales where a mould was taken, the bronze cast and patinated and a base fabricated. The piece was then packed, crated and palleted and was taken to Heathrow to New York and to its destination in an apartment overlooking Central Park.

It has been a fascinating process, and a learning curve, but the opportunities presented by being able to scale up and down from an original piece and be able to make an edition of, say, 5 or 10, opens up all sorts of possibilities. The images below illustrate some of the process steps.


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FIVE SCULPTORS. Open Daily in the Fellows' Garden, Clare Hall, Herschel Road, Cambridge CB3 9AL from 14th June 2019 - 4th September 2019

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Cambridge Open Studios dates.
My workshop, Open Studios, 11/12 July & 18/19 July
Cambridge Open Studios dates.
In and Out of the Garden May 2015
3 sales from 6 pieces shown.
In and Out of the Garden May 2015

stonework, sculpture, lettering, carving
Art school, trained mason, career in stonework. Work reflects interests in archaeology, architecture, ruins, literature, the vernacular, past cultures
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Cambridge based via Liverpool, Newcastle upon Tyne, Dorset and the Welsh borders. Travelled extensively in Europe and the U.S., worked as stonemason, carver, sculptor for the last 30 years, now free of 7a.m. January starts on church towers. My work reflects my interest in pre-history, archaeology, ruins and remains, artefacts, architecture, Outsider Art and the passing of time - also surfaces, patination, juxtaposed fragmented and polished elements, toolmarks & the evidence of process. I am also a lettercutter and interested in poetry, epigrams, interesting lines and their resonances. I have a workshop in Cambridge at Cheddars Lane where visitors are welcome by appointment. I am interested in approaches for commissioned work, carved work, sculpture, indoor and outdoor pieces, lettercutting and bespoke memorials, of which I have cut and carved a considerable number over the years.