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Art canvases and materials clearance
Member Olive Mayo has a large amount of material that may be of use to COS members. No charge. This is not going to be used now and it would be a pity to see it wasted. There are a number of stretched canvases, a large number of boards of all kinds and a large store of art chemicals. Please email olivemayo@gmail.com Click on further to read a list.
Art canvases and materials clearance

Semi-abstract work exploring 'Land & Sea' in various media. Smaller, more realistic, drawings and paintings. Welcoming studio and country garden.
  • Tuition Given

My art work is a response to visual and often fleeting moments, events or patterns which create there own 'inner landscapes'. Imagination and memory then drive on the creative process. Content includes suggestions of weather, movement and the play of varying light and dark. Paintings, drawings and mixed media are used to express these experiences, ranging from the realistic to the abstract. Work in full colour and in black & white.

I moved to Cambridge 1985/89 and worked to establish an 'Open Studios' event in Cambridge which would be accessible to any artists in and around the city. Starting with just twelve people, and being appointed chairperson and co-ordinator, my aim was to broaden and develop Open Studios as an established and recognised art event in the cultural life of Cambridge.  The aim was greatly supported by the then, Cambridge Festival and the number of interested artists grew very quickly. After three years and for personal reasons, I had to step down but happily, Heidi Lichterman was willing to take over and has been involved ever since. Today, it is  amazing just how many wonderful artists take part in Cambridge Open Studios.