Sally Reilly
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New Departures

All of these pots were made for the exhibition of the same name at The Old Fire Engine House, Ely in 2012. This was indeed a new departure for me – many of the pieces were formed over hump moulds and most were decorate using coloured slips under a clear glaze.

One-off pieces and small series

I always work on small batches of pieces at a time even if they will finally be individually glazed. This gives a fluency to the work. Most of these pots were made for an exhibition at the Old Fire Engine House in Ely in 2009.

Tableware ranges

Assemblages of found objects

While I was unable to make pots I took to assembling pictures from found objects (fabric, nails, stones, metal, plastic etc) which I later mounted on canvas or board.

I design and handmake tableware and one-off pieces to bring ceremony to the everyday and individuality to special occasions.
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From 1991-2014 I lived in Cambridgeshire and was an active member of Cambridge Open Studios serving many years on the management team.

I am an Irish potter, trained in Paris in a Japanese tradition, now living and working in France. Fascinated, as a child, by seeing pots being thrown I took the first opportunity that presented itself and when I was 20 became apprenticed at the Atelier du Cheval a l'Envers in Paris. Later I worked as a production thrower at Chelsea Pottery in London, and in 1991 set up my own studio in Burwell then Soham. In 2008 my husband, Roger Coleman and I bought a little house in France near to the famous pottery village of La Borne and in 2014 we moved there permanently. Just after we moved I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and thought I would never make pots again! But thanks to my brilliant Rheumatologist, modern medecine and a great physiotherapist I am back in my lovely studio where I am again designing and handmaking one-off pieces and high quality tableware.

My enforced 4 year "sabbatical" has given me pause for thought – as I couldn't make pots I started "assembling" pictures from found objects. Moving to a new country brings its own challenges and opportunities – the cultural differences force me to look again at what I do. The words designer, maker, potter, ceramist, artisan, artist all carry different weight in translation. How all of this will influence my future work I don't know but I intend to have fun finding out. One thing is sure – my work will still be focussed on "making the everyday special".

I will be updating my website soon. And if you're passing by Sancerre anytime please do drop in. Just send an email to make sure I'm not out on my bike!